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All of our Black and Tan Coonhound adults and puppies are dual registered with the American Kennel Club and United Kennel Club.

Oak Hill Kennel started with AKC American Black and Tan Coonhounds in 2007.  Since then, we have participated in AKC Tracking and Conformation shows throughout the United States.

Our first coonhound was Suzie, her registered name was Kalan’s Lucky Trail Boss of Oak Hill. Suzie recently passed from lung cancer at the age of 10.  Our next coonhound we co-owned with Kalan Kennel was “Rosie”, her registered name is AKC Grand Champion Kalan’s Ramblin Rose of Oak Hill.  Rosie now resides with her owners at Kalan Kennel.  

From California we purchased “Maggie”, her registered name is AKC Champion Jazzman’s Steele Magnolias of Oak Hill. Shortly after purchasing Maggie, we purchased “Poppy”, her registered name is AKC Champion Cashlane’s Dream Baby of Oak Hill.  

During the time we co-owned Rosie, she was bred and produced our male puppy, “Booker”, his registered name is AKC Grand Champion Oak Hill’s Heart of Gold. Booker  currently resides in Palmdale, Ca. with our dear friend, handler,  and co-owner Zoe Bolin.

After completing her OFA health tests, Maggie whelped three litters ( as of 2016 ). It is our intention to allow her one last litter in 2017.  Maggie’s puppies have gone to Europe and the United Kingdom as foundational sires and dams to establish the breed there. Maggie’s puppies living in the US have started their careers in Police Service , Show, Medical Alert, Therapy, Game Tracking, and Companionship.


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