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Specializing in AKC Hound Breeding

Oak Hill Deer Recovery is a FREE service to hunters in the States of North Carolina and Virginia.

Our FREE service to locate wounded or dead large game is restricted to the following Counties:


North Carolina

North Durham







During the hunting season we accept calls from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. Our phone number is  (919) 603-5471.

We do not make any guarantees of locating the game animal, however your chances of recovery are increased if a tracking dog is used.


Here are helpful suggestions to aide in finding your game:

1.  Try to remember how the animal reacted and which way the animal ran after the hit.

2.  Wait the appropriate time before starting to visually track blood. With gut shots, its best to wait up to 8 hours prior to tracking.

3.  Carefully begin your visual blood tracking making sure NOT to step in the blood trail. Mark the hit site and visual blood trail with toilet paper or survey tape to the point of loss.

4.  Keep the number of helpers to a minimum and remind them not to step in the blood trail as well. Using untrained dogs to assist in tracking can ruin the track for a trained tracking dog.

5.  Once the visual point of loss is reached, slowly and carefully back out to avoid stepping in the blood trail. Call us for assistance.

6.  During the phone call be prepared to give us details of the hit, location, terrain conditions, and other factors that could affect our ability to help you.

7.  We try to take all the calls we receive, however we reserve the right to decline those we feel are not recoverable or too far from our home.


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