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This medium sized French scent hound was developed for flushing, hunting, and tracking hare, deer, and wild boar. It is thought that this is the oldest French scent hound breed in existence.

There are records showing this breed in France and Switzerland as far back as the 1700’s.  It is known that the background of the Porcelaine may include the English Harrier, Laufhounds, and Talbot Hound. Most of the breeding took place in Luxeiil, Vaud, Savoy, and in the Abbey of Cluny. During the French Revolution the breed almost disappeared, but has since regained it’s numbers slowly. In 1884 the breed was displayed at a pack show in Paris. During the late 1800’s there was an outcross to another French hunting hound called the Billy. This outcross increased the size of the Porcelaine, and brought increased vigor and strength needed to hunt wild boar and stag.

The Club du Porcelaine in France was established in 1971 to safeguard the breed. Currently there are moderate numbers of Porcelaines in France and Italy.  Most Porcelaines are used in hunting wild boar and hare.  

The breed may have arrived in the United States as a gift from the King of France to U.S. President George Washington. There are records showing Porcelaines were imported in the late 1800’s through the Port of New Orleans, but were lost in cross breeding. Porcelaines were imported into the US again starting in 2009. Currently there is thought to be less than 200 in the US. The Porcelaine Club of America was formed in 2016 with the intent of promoting and protecting the breed, and gaining AKC FSS recognition.


The Porcelaine is remarkably free from most health conditions common to many dog breeds today.  As with most medium to large breeds, hip dysplasia, joint, eye, and structural problems may be of concern. European breeders routinely test for hip dysplasia prior to breeding.

At Oak Hill Kennel, we OFA or PennHip test for hip and elbow dysplasia, patella luxation, CERF eye exam, heart ascultation, and thyroid. To our knowledge, we are the only breeder that performs all of these tests prior to breeding. Additionally, our puppies are OFA eye tested prior to sale.

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