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This breed is well known for it’s laid back, joyful, playful personality. Black and Tans love their owners and families, almost more than chasing a scent and sleeping on the couch. Although this breed can be fearsome in hunting large game, they are wonderful with children, other dogs, and if trained - even small animals.  

One thing we stress with prospective puppy buyers is that the Black and Tan Coonhound is a “puppy” for the first three years of it’s life. We ask owners for patience, forgiveness, a gentle hand, and lots of love as they go through surprises and  trials of their puppy’s life.

Although not aloof, Black and Tans can be stubborn and indifferent to training. Therefore we urge our puppy owners to have early obedience, socializing, house breaking, and leash training completed by eight months.

Black and Tan Coonhounds are considered a large dog breed, with males potentially maturing to over  90 pounds. With that in mind, we generally do not recommend an apartment life for our puppies. This breed needs the ability to run and play daily. This can be done in fenced yards, out hunting, dog parks, on the beach, or jogging on leash. As a house dog, this breed is fairly well behaved and laid back.  

The greatest concern the homeowner will face is the constant COUNTER SURFING this breed is capable of. Therefore food, treats, possible chew toys ( keys etc). must be out of reach, or pushed back from the edge. Black and Tan lovers will agree on one thing, this breed is a joy to take on car rides, into public places, and family events. People gravitate to their charming personality, long ears, and sensational beauty. The boisterous baying call of a Black and Tan is music to many, but annoying to neighbors unaccustomed to the Hound Song.  

Our other concerns we stress to prospective puppy buyers is the desire this breed has to tree small animals/pets (cats etc.), take off after a scent, and ability to jump fences. You should walk your hound on leash, monitor it’s activity when off leash, and fences should be at least five feet high. We educate our puppy buyers on the possibility of bloat, gastric dilation. This is a condition common in large dog breeds. We urge buyers to research this and speak to their Vet as this is one of the most common fatal conditions in our breed.

We love this breed for it’s wash and wear coat. A monthly bath, nail trim and ear cleaning are generally all that is needed. The coat does shed throughout the year, however not to the extent double coated breeds such as Labradors do. For the most part, this is a low maintenance breed.


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