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The Hanoverian Hound (Hannoverscher Schweisshund) is a working breed, and therefore requires a fair amount of exercise and mental stimulation to keep it content and healthy. This breed is at it’s best with daily hunting and tracking activity. Off season it is suggested that physical activity such as jogging, hiking, and ball toss be used to control boredom and pent up energy.

Due to their size and surprising athleticism, this breed requires a 5 foot high fenced yard in which to run and play. This breed would not be suitable for life in an apartment or cramped living quarters. Hanoverians that are kenneled or crated for long periods of time tend to develop neurotic behaviors such barking, circling, and chewing their paws and legs.

Hanoverians are somewhat independent and wary of strangers, therefore, it is vitally important that puppies be socialized to accept handling and attention by non-family and friends. This breed matures slowly, remaining very puppy-like for several years. Due to their large size, Hanoverian Scenthounds might injure small children or frail adults with their rambunctious play. Properly trained, this breed is capable of co-existing with other dogs and small animals, it does however, have a high prey drive which might pose a threat to small animals.

We were advised that the Hanoverian Scenthound tends to gravitate towards one person in the family, claiming that person as their own. As a tracking team, Camellia has developed a very special bond with me as her handler. On our tracking calls she will often stop and turn to see if I am keeping pace with her. This special bond with the handler is truly something the breed is known for. Therefore, it is vitally important that the owner of a Hanoverian Scenthound start training the puppy as early as possible. Calm, consistent, highly rewarded training is an absolute essential part of handling this breed. Hanoverians thrive on positive reinforcement, and never a harsh or severe punishment. The breed is highly sensitive to rough or abusive handling.


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