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The Porcelaine is a hunting dog, originating from a mixture highly intelligent French and English scent hounds. That said, you must remember that any breed of dog with a high prey drive will require careful consideration of  the desire follow it’s nose. Therefore, be sure that you provide a secure five foot high fenced yard, radio collared if off leash, or leashed when tracking.  

The Porcelaine is a pack hound and was bred to live with other dogs. As with any pack of dogs, care must be exercised in overseeing any disagreements or guarding behavior. This behavior must be corrected immediately.

Our Porcelaines have a very loving, devoted, pleasing personality towards members of the family. The breed is wonderful around children and older individuals. This breed enjoys being in the house and part of family activities. It’s not uncommon to find ours curled up on the couch, snoozing in our laps, basking in front of a warm fireplace, or begging to go for a ride in the car. They prefer a single dog household where they can be the sole object of your affection.

There are unusual characteristics about this breed that make it appealing to many. Porcelaines are very quiet in their kennel and home. They are capable of baying with a melodious voice, however they are not nuisance barkers like some breeds. Porcelaines have been described by some as “cat like”. It is common to find them perched on the top of couches, delicately picking their way around toys on the floor, and elegantly posed on a chair for you to admire.

Elegant, proud, graceful, kind, charming, and stunningly gorgeous are the remarks we hear when our Porcelaines are seen in public. Never shy or timid, our Porcelaines eagerly accept strangers reaching out to pet and stroke their beautiful heads. Their calm temperament makes this breed perfectly suited for Medical Therapy / Service / Alert,  Police Public Relations, Search and Rescue, Mantrailing, Wounded Game Tracking, Family Pet, and Show dog.


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