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As part of the Oak Hill Kennel and Deer Recovery Service, we added the Hanoverian Scenthound in 2016. This breed came highly recommended to us by several game trackers as being perhaps even superior to the Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound for it’s calm temperament and more relaxed activity level.

During our search, we unfortunately discovered several unethical breeders and puppy brokers in Europe selling dogs with serious health and pedigree problems. The search for an ethical and highly regarded breeder lead us to Monika Fuchs of Poland and her exceptional bitch, Lily. The 2 year wait was rewarded when we received our puppy from her in 2016.

We welcomed this rambunctious little puppy into our home in April 2016, and immediately fell in love with “Camellia”. UKC Champion Oak Hill’s Fromarianhill Camellia has become one of our favorite puppies.

Camellia easily accomplished her UKC Champion title in 2016 and won the hearts of judges. Much has been said about her outstanding conformation and movement. As Camellia continues to mature into adulthood, we hope to add Grand Champion and other titles to her name in both UKC and AKC FSS events.

Upon returning home in the Fall of 2016, Camellia began her wounded game tracking career. It was immediately apparent that Camellia was to become our game tracking Super Star. Camellia’s intense focus and unwavering attention to difficult tracks demonstrated her highly specialized ability which would be very useful in the hunting seasons to come. Her style can be described as slow and steady, making tracking with her a pleasure.

Oak Hill Kennel will offer litters of Hanoverian Scenthounds in the future after health testing, work, and show titles are achieved. Our plans are to import both future breeding stock and semen to accomplish our goal of producing low COI healthy litters. Our puppies will be destined for Police Work, SAR, Mantrailing, Medical Alert / Therapy / Service, Game Tracking, Show, and Companionship.


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