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Breeding Program & Standards of Care

Our primary focus is producing exceptional scent hounds for  use in hunting, wounded game tracking, medical alert, scent discrimination, man trailing, SAR, and police work. Our dogs are equally at home in the show ring and family household due to their incredible breeding and solid temperament.

Our breeding program began with importing the finest stock  from Europe.  Our foundation stock originated from sires and dams with bona fide FCI pedigrees along with  health , show, and working certificates. Every effort was made to select imported stock from litters with a low COI ( Coefficient Of Inbreeding ) to reduce the risk of passing on genetic heritable disease.


Prior to being used for breeding, we demand that our sires and dams :

*  Pass 6 OFA Heath exams ( Hips, Eyes, Heart, Elbows, Patellas, Thyroid )

*  Successfully track  in our deer recovery service.

*  Attain their Champion or Grand Champion titles in AKC and/or UKC.

*  Have DNA profiling to establish their genetic make up.


Additionally we breed using the following criteria :

*  Puppies will have permanent homes prior to being produced.

*  Puppies produced will improve the quality, character, health, and standard of their breed.

*  The proposed mating will produce puppies that have a low COI.

*  The puppies produced will have the best mix of genes for tracking or other use intended for the breed.


Our Puppies are whelped and raised in our home and are sold with :

*  A NORMAL OFA CERF eye exam .

*  Their paid AKC and/or UKC registrations and pedigree .

*  Your paid membership in their Breed Club/Society/Association .

*  All dewormings, vaccinations, microchip, and Vet Health Record.

*  Our Health guarantee as stipulated in our puppy contract.

*  Bill of Sale

*  Take Home Puppy Care Packet  

*  Daily handling and socializing, crate training, started house training, started leash training, and periodic car rides.

*  Your inclusion in our litter chat group on FaceBook.

*  Take back policy so that we can re-home them properly if needed.


Please find our Breed Standards per breed:


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